Thursday, December 18, 2008

The semester's end.

I feel as though this semester has been a success in many perspectives. First off, I have gathered a sense of creating  rhythm and repetition in my drawings. Reading and research I felt really boosted the conceptual aspect of my work. And lastly I learned how to successfully create a series using that knowledge I gained from my research. These pieces were not as planned out as I normally work, instead I worked very intuitively, letting whatever ideas came to me  be released on the paper. This intuitive process is much more automatic and natural and I can see the difference between these drawings and previous ones. 

My method began by researching cloning and almost took its own turn from there. I developed ideas from this research. Since I found that growing organs inside animals such as pigs was so intriguing that is where I took the drawings. From there I developed concepts of transformation and the combination on human and animal and the possibilities of sharing these important elements of life. This work raises questions like, what makes us so far above pigs that we can use them for our benefit? What if we did and could support a human life inside and animal, or vice versa? How much is too much, and where should the line actually be drawn?