Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art Lessons; Chapter 1-3

Art Lessons seems to be a collection of the ideas and experiences Haynes and how it all relates to the process of becoming an artist. Her spiritual, cultural and historical knowledge convince the reader that to become an artist, one needs all of these things.

Chapter 1 begins by defining an artist, or defining it through the eyes of other artists. Beuys believed that everyone is an artist. That training was basically irrelevant and that the intent is highly valued. Arendt broke it down into three sections, art is labor, work and action. She believed that the most important thing is to think about what you are doing.

Chapter 2 speaks about aesthetic education. Haynes emphasizes the importance of educating oneself and becoming a citizen of the world, being aware of all. She grew up finding out that the sources for learning are everywhere, they are in nature, in literature, in music and in art. She believes that an artist needs these 5 essential things.
1. To be able to write, articulate.
2. To be knowledgeable in the traditions of other cultures.
3. To master a technical skill, and understand a wide range of materials.
4. To understand cultural theory, history and environmental concerns.
5. To be able question and think about the audience

Chapter 3 travels through Haynes educational background. Through these experiences she writes about the importance of extending your education when becoming an artist. The role of education in her life had an extremely significant impact on her work. Ignorance and closing yourself off from the rest of the world Haynes states, does not enhance the work, it only hinders it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Drawing III

Hello all! I am Kalyn and this is my final semester at Stout. Although this is my second Drawing III class, and around 50th drawing class in general, I really hope to gather something new from the experience.

My concentration is Life Drawing, although a lot of my work has little to do with drawing the figure, I relate to it in the way that I am still using human emotion and experience as a central theme. Drawing III last year was a bit of a breakthrough for me and from that point on my drawings took on a whole new meaning and process. I hope to strengthen that over my last semester here which will lead me to the grand finale, my senior show! Being a drawing major kind of limits the number of people you are surrounded by. It will be really interesting to work with a new group of people and to give and receive feedback from a few fresh faces.

The first image was a little project I did over winter break and this will hopefully jump-start the use of more sewing and stitching in my work.

The second image to the left I found on someone's facebook profile. I thought it was a nice way to look at the beginning of a new semester.