Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ornamentation: Emily Barletta

Emily Barletta 

Ornamentation: Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon  is an artist out of San Francisco. She is mostly a self taught artist using this quality to her advantage. Since Lisa has had no formal training she uses her own sense of color and composition. Her work has been shown all over the nation and featured in numerous magazines. I discovered her work on a design blog and I thought that fit it under the category of ornamentation. Because of her use of pattern and the way she decorated her illustrations I feel that she could be considered an ornamentation artist. Her neon shapes enhance portraits and form patterns within themselves. She also uses elements of knit fabrics and doily like shapes. I feel that her use of ornamentation in her work speaks about contemporary art and the possibilities of line, color, shape and collaboration. 

Art and Science

My intentions for this project took a bit of a turn when I started researching and thinking about Biomimicry. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. By investigating natures best ideas to solve our own problems, we can become a cleaner and more sustainable world. 

For example; the silk that a spider produces is stronger than steel, it's capabilities are incredible. So by looking at the chemical make up of the silk and how exactly a spider can produce such a strong material, we can use these similar properties for own own innovations. Biomimicry shows that we are constantly surrounded by answers within nature.

For my final drawing I wanted to portray this spider in a more abstract way, in this case it was an extreme close up of its spinnerets producing this silk. The silk comes shooting from the spider and into a tangled mess. This tangled mess of red string represents the ideas and innovations we as humans are after.It is the potential of the knowledge we have gained from the spider. The red string then captures a crouched down figure. This figure is ultimately surrendering to the spider. Basically surrendering to nature in general. My statement is that in a world were humans have just destroyed and taken over, we still need the natural, and we need those answers from nature to continue living and in the end, nature will always win.