Friday, September 5, 2008

This semesters objective

It is official, class is here and my first mission will be to begin a blog for my advanced life drawing class.
Exciting, yes. My intentions are to make clear what exactly I will be accomplishing this semester. 

What would I like to spend at least half the semester learning about? The process and ethical issues of reproductive cloning. How does it work, scientifically speaking? What would the purpose be? What are some of the repercussions? This also rises questions about genetics and character traits. 

What field of study does it typically reside in? Cloning resides in the study of SCIENCE/BIOLOGY.

What interests me about it? It all started this summer when I found myself in a small town in Scotland called Roslin. This was were Dolly the sheep was cloned and since that day I have had this minor obsession with this concept. This whole topic is absolutely fascinating. To make a biologically exact copy of another living thing is unreal. It tests ethics and creates a lot of controversy. But can artificial reproduction be useful? What could happen if we did start cloning humans? Questions then would arise about Nurture vs. Nature. 

How will I use/ Incorporate the figure to explore these questions?  I would love to play with the idea of human cloning, duplication, and repetition in my work, using the figure as my primary subject, along with all of the other scientific imagery. 

What is my planning method of investigation and research? I plan to use the Library as a resource for the most part. Books, books and more books. It may also be helpful to contact someone really familiar with the subject. I will research, write, organize my thoughts along with a few sketches and doodles and then gather all this information into a drawing. 

Where will I learn about this subject? Well the Library of course! 

What media, scale, format etc. will I use as I create the drawings? Just as last semester I wish to explore with the same kind of material. That being layered mylar, paper, pen work and possibly paint. I will continue investigating line quality and texture. 

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Miranda said...

Cloning will be an interesting subject to create a drawing off of. I am used to reading about it in sci fi. It is kind of scary that the idea could become reality in the near future. Have you heard about the dog cloning? Here is an article on it. < >