Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Noticing from Foster Gallery

The first piece selected was Amanda Hughen's "Sepidemic"

I noticed....honey comb shapes, repetition, over- lapping and layering, the use of paint, color, ink and graphite, the biology/science like forms, use of a stencil, depth, crystal like forms, thick layering of lines creating a larger mass, cells, geometric shapes, sharp angles and soft curves, bright orange, dots of paint, circular forms, texture and pattern, bottom and top layers, movement, variety in line weight, technicality, raised texture of paint.

Next was Cal Lane's "Untitled #2"

I noticed....the use of the color red, an older map-like style, the decorative and ornate quality, weight and heaviness of the metal, three different pieces that once were a barrel, lightness created by negative space, the world, pattern and repetition, the top and bottom pieces are not red, shadow shows clearing behind the piece and melts within it becoming how it is viewed as a whole, figures, movement and flexibility, geometry, space between the wall and the metal, creases in the metal. 

Lastly I selected Taylor Fraiser's "Densities and Reflections"

I noticed...the large strokes of a brush, clearing and adding of paint, two layers, rounded and circular forms, glass and wood, painting in front and behind, my reflection, texture and movement, spatters of paint moving around, scale, shadow from the front piece on to the back wood, two pieces unsure if they are to be viewed together, one seems to be much more additive, placed on the floor, large gestures, black and white. 

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