Monday, February 1, 2010

Drawing III

Hello all! I am Kalyn and this is my final semester at Stout. Although this is my second Drawing III class, and around 50th drawing class in general, I really hope to gather something new from the experience.

My concentration is Life Drawing, although a lot of my work has little to do with drawing the figure, I relate to it in the way that I am still using human emotion and experience as a central theme. Drawing III last year was a bit of a breakthrough for me and from that point on my drawings took on a whole new meaning and process. I hope to strengthen that over my last semester here which will lead me to the grand finale, my senior show! Being a drawing major kind of limits the number of people you are surrounded by. It will be really interesting to work with a new group of people and to give and receive feedback from a few fresh faces.

The first image was a little project I did over winter break and this will hopefully jump-start the use of more sewing and stitching in my work.

The second image to the left I found on someone's facebook profile. I thought it was a nice way to look at the beginning of a new semester.

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