Sunday, September 20, 2009

Elena Kalis; underwater images

Her combination of the figure and the weightless quality of being in water is so beautiful to me. I have never shot underwater and these images are really sparking some inspiration. Elena Kalis was born in Russia and is currently living in the Bahamas with her husband and children, who she uses quite often as her subject. My favorite image is the girl holding up the insides of a turtle, the similarities of the skeletal structure to the scale of our own is really intriguing to me. check her out:

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xenia elizabeth said...

I love the turtle shell image. I shot some underwater images this summer at the water park with Simon--got the disposable camera at Walgreen's for about $12. You would have a blast trying something like this.

I also love the weightlessness that happens in the water--you are able to make and see gestures that are impossible on land.