Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer Update!!

Since summer for me is usually made up of work, sun, class, and above all fun, this will be my first update in quite some time!! yikes! As far as summer goes a good chunk of my time was devoted to creative things! First and foremost I took a ceramics class.

Majority of my education and focus has been drawing and photography, I was convinced ceramics was a class I simply had to take and was not going to be enjoyable. I soon found out that ceramics is and incredible stress reliever and more then that something I thoroughly enjoyed!! It was a completely different creative experienced then I have
had before. So here are two of the many pieces I took away from the class. Along with a new appreciation.

Other then actual class I also had a few other outside inspiring and artistic events. One of which was Rock the Garden at the Walker Art center in Minneapolis. Four great bands, food, beer, great people, great weather there was nothing more I could have asked for! I of course brought my camera and captured MANY shots of fellow listeners. The inspiration for me was not just the music, but the crowds of people, the fashion and the conversation.

On a completely different path, also staying within the creative realm, I met a lady this summer who was willing to give me (completely no charge) not one, but TWO of her vintage Singer sewing machines! I had been looking into purchasing a used machine for quite some time and oddly enough conversation led to her sewing machine collection and our common love for fabric and crafts. Within the next week I had an amazing machine in my hands and found myself in a fabric warehouse digging through millions, literally millions of patterns, colors and textures. It was lovely. To say the least the summer was a success, but I feel it is time to get my motivation back for what exactly I am here for, which I am perpetually figuring out. Let the semester begin!!!!

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xenia elizabeth said...

What a great summer! I've never sewn (except for ONE year in 4-H and that was enough for me), but I can certainly relate to the love of fabrics, textures, and colors.

I suspect those might turn up in some of your artwork this semester.

Also, good to hear of the time at the Walker Art Center and taking your camera--crowds make such great opportunities for photos and people watching for gestures, expressions, colors, etc.

I'm looking forward to working with you again this semester.